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Divadells Do It In Style At The Welsh Kennel Club

What an AMAZING day yesterday for the Divadell Scotties! Still floating on air. At the Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show my wonderful Izzy, Divadell Izzy Whizzy was my starlet of the day being awarded the RCC! Still cant believe it and still in shock.

Also baby Mo's (Divadell River Song) first show, and although she decided the ring was more of a play arena was awarded a 1st. So she and all three of her brothers (Barney, Divadell Dr. Feelgood, Bertie,Divadell Dr Strangelove, and Tommy, Divadell Dr Zhivago) all qualified for Crufts at their first show. Dougie (Divadell Room at the Top) also did us proud with 2nd limit. On top of this Tommy, Divadell Dr Zhivago went Best Puppy in Breed.

Congratulations to them all and their wonderful owners and thank you to Liz Tyler for handling Mo for me in the bitch challenge, really appreciate it. Thank you to our judge Zena Thorn-Andrews for thinking so highly of all our Divadell dogs.

Wonderful day, with wonderful people making the day extra special and one I wont forget in a hurry xxx