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We are a family of 9 at the moment … 5 humans and 4 Scotties!  We live just outside Pontypool and relish days out together … whether that be to shows or to the park.
Our Scotties are Ruby (our wheaten), Delilah our delinquent brindle,Ruby’s daughter Rosie who is black, and Delilah's daughter Izzy who is a black brindle.  We show both Rosie & Izzy and our daughters enjoy doing junior handling with them too.

We got our first Scottie back in 1997, Whisky joined our family after many months of searching across the UK for a Scottie. We fell in love with the quirky fellow immediately and were hooked on the breed. Lizzie then followed soon after. After much thought and careful consideration we decided to breed as we wanted to give others the chance to own these wonderful dogs.
We were awarded Divadell, our Kennel Club Affix (K.C. Registered Kennel Name), in 2000. Our aim is to breed quality Scottish Terriers of sound temperaments.  It is the most rewarding experience seeing a healthy, happy puppy settle into a loving home.

We are eternally grateful to Mrs. V. G. L. Hill for allowing us to have such wonderful dogs, with such brilliant temperaments, and of such good type. She has given us copious amounts of advice which has been invaluable. She has been most generous with her time and expertise and taught me a great deal about the breed and breeding for which I am eternally grateful. Thank you Vera :)

We have shown our dogs over the last few years.  In the past we did make it to Crufts with our boy Samstevever Murphy at Divadell, and in 2016 Delilah was given a VHC in her class at Crufts. Both Izzy and Rosie have been doing well this year in the show ring and we are heading to Crufts in March so keep your fingers crossed for us :) 

If you are looking for scottish terrier puppies from a quality breeder in the UK then you have come to the right place.  We selectively breed Scottish Terriers for quality, type, temperament and health to ensure you have the very best Scottie puppy.  We have a waiting list so please contact us to discus

If you would like to know more about Divadell Scottish Terriers or want to know more about Scottish Terriers in general please do contact us either on 07495314913 or email us on We love to hear from anyone interested in the breed.




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